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BISFed Referee Committee news

There have been some recent changes to BISFed’s Referee Committee. Here is the news: continue reading

Boccia Legend Dirceu Pinto passes away

The World of Boccia has lost a legend of the sport – BC4 athlete Dirceu Pinto from Brazil. He sadly passed away on the 1st of April, from heart problems. continue reading

Corona Virus Update: 2020 BISFed-Sanctioned Competitions

To all in the Boccia World: Please find here a message from BISFed President David Hadfield regarding a decision by the BISFed Board concerning 2020 BISFed sanctioned competitions. We will communicate any further relevant information as and when it emerges.

Corona Virus Update: BISFed-Sanctioned Competitions 2020

This is possibly the most testing time any of us has experienced and sport is as badly affected by the Corona virus as any other industry. We are of course aware that the worldwide boccia family is concerned to know what will happen next; there are so many unanswered questions about what the future holds. BISFed monitors the best available advice daily with a view to making sensible fact-based decisions on future events. The safety of athletes. Technical Officials and spectators remains our number one priority. (So, for example, we were able to find a good solution for the Paralympic Games Test Event, using volunteers from the Tokyo 2020 team to play boccia in a closed environment, rather than boccia athletes. This allowed us to test many more possible scenarios than would have been possible in a real competition, and to that extent, we learned much more than we had expected.) continue reading

Cancellation – BISFed 2020 Zagreb Boccia Regional Open

The Croatian government has today (Friday March 13th) officially communicated its decision to postpone all sporting events in the Republic of Croatia until further notice as a measure to control the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. continue reading
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