Our Committees

Our Committees

BISFed has established six Committees to advise on the following key areas:

  • Referees

  • Development

  • Rules

  • Competitions

  • Anti-Doping

  • Classification

Committee membership has been designed to provide a mix of experience and geographical representation.

Referees Committee

Helena Bastos (Chair) supported by Leslie Halicki (Canada), David Man Yul Leung (Hong Kong) & Pedro Fernandes (Portugal)

Responsibilities include:

  1. Development pathway, education and accreditation for referees
  2. Making recommendations on referees for competitions
Development Committee

Heather Lowden (Chair) supported by Darlan Franka Ciesielski (Brazil) & Cheol-Hyeon Kwon (Korea)

Responsibilities include:

  1. Athletes pathway from grass roots to elite
  2. Coach education system
Rules Committee

Gary Vander Vies (Chair) supported by Gregorious Polychronidis (Greece), Raquel Daffre de Arroxellas (Brazil) & Ken Poon (Hong Kong)

Responsibilities include:

  1. Boccia rules
Competitions Committee

Dom Tremblay (Chair) supported by Chris Wagg (Great Britain), Joep Pessler (Netherlands), Carlos Varela Ferro (Spain) & Cannie Leung (Hong Kong).

Responsibilities include:

  1. Competition system (including competition manual)
  2. Bid process
  3. Technical Delegate recommendations for competitions
  4. World ranking system
Anti-doping Committee

Dr Jaime Antunes (Chair) supported by Dr Halim Jebali, Professor Dr Manuel Teixeira Verissimo & Raul Candid

Responsibilities include:

  1. Anti-doping rules
  2. Competition / out of competition testing
  3. Education (eg, WADA guidelines)
Classification Committee

Elsa Matthee (Chair) supported by Dr Jeng-Yi Shieh (Taiwan), Raul Reina (Spain) & Shail Maharaj (Australia)

Responsibilities include:

  1. Classification rules
  2. Classifier education
  3. Classifier recommendations for competitions