The Board

The Board

The current BISFed board was elected by the members at the General Assembly meeting held on 29th May 2017. In 2019 one more member was appointed and the President re-elected.

BISFed Structure Documents

BISFed Bylaws

BISFed Articles of Association

As a UK registered company, BISFed is subject to strict governance provisions. BISFed was led by a ‘founding’ Board of Directors until the first General Assembly meeting in 2014. A number of Committees regulate important facets of the game, including: Rules; Classification; Competitions; Development; Referees and Anti-Doping. The Board meets regularly by telephone conference call to conduct business, and meet formally (also by telephone conference call) at least six times a year. BISFed will hold biennial General Assembly meetings of its members.The next BISFed General Assembly will take place in 2021.

The BISFed board:

  • President: David Hadfield (Great Britain) – (2023)
  • Treasurer: Jon Morgan (Great Britain) – (2021)
  • Vice-President and Secretary General: Martin Lam (Hong Kong) – (2021)
  • Members at Large:
    • Konstantinia Sotriadi (Greece) – (2021)
    • Marta Mascarenhas (Portugal) – (2021)
    • Marcela Ramon (Colombia) – (2021)
    • Seunghee Kang (Korea) – (2021)

Current terms of office are indicated for each board member. Board members are allowed to serve up to two consecutive 4 year terms.

The next BISFed General Assembly will take place in 2021.

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