The Board

The Board

The current BISFed board was elected by the members at the General Assembly meeting held on 29th May 2017.

BISFed Structure Documents

BISFed Memorandum & Articles

BISFed Articles of Association

As a UK registered company, BISFed is subject to strict governance provisions. BISFed was led by a ‘founding’ Board of Directors until the first General Assembly meeting in 2014. A number of Committees regulate important facets of the game, including: Rules; Classification; Competitions; Development; Referees and Anti-Doping. The Board meets regularly by telephone conference call to conduct business, and meet formally (also by telephone conference call) at least six times a year. BISFed will hold biennial General Assembly meetings of its members.The next BISFed General Assembly will take place in 2019.

The BISFed board:

  • President: David Hadfield (Great Britain) – (2019)
  • Treasurer: Jon Morgan (Great Britain) – (2021)
  • Secretary General: Martin Lam (Hong Kong) – (2021)
  • Members at Large:
    • Konstantinia Sotriadi (Greece) – (2021)
    • Marta Mascarenhas (Portugal) – (2021)
    • Marcela Ramon (Colombia) – (2021)

Current terms of office are indicated for each board member. Board members are allowed to serve up to two consecutive 4 year terms.