Technical Delegate

Technical Delegate

BISFed Technical Delegates


Role Description: BISFed Technical Delegates

Technical Delegates are responsible for events from the moment they are appointed until they have submitted their final report.

The Technical Delegate (TD) is a representative of, and appointed by BISFed. The TD for each sanctioned event is responsible for ensuring that the competition is conducted in accordance with the BISFed Sport Technical Manual and the agreed contract signed by both BISFed and the HOC.

The TD is also responsible for the a site inspection prior to the competition to ensure the facilities are of a standard worthy enough to host a international event and charged with the duty of writing a post event report to ensure BISFed competitions can continually develop and improve.

Alexsandro LAUTHERBACHBrazilAmerica
Cannie LEUNGHong KongAsia
Daranee KUCHASRISAWATThailandAsia
David LEUNGHong KongAsia
Dominique TREMBLAYCanadaAmerica
Duncan TUNBRIDGEGreat BritainEurope
Edwig LAMBERECHTSBelgiumEurope
Eleni STOKA-NASIRIGreeceEurope
Erinaldo CHAGASBrazilAmerica
Gabriel COUTERIERCanadaAmerica
Gustavo ALVARIMPortugalEurope
Gustavo CHEPPIArgentinaAmerica
Helena BASTOSPortugalEurope
Joaquim VIEGASPortugalEurope
Kenneth SOHSingaporeAsia
Michalina AUGUSTYNIAKPolandEurope
Pedro SARAIVAPortugalEurope
Rachel CRACKGreat BritainEurope
Sandra KINGGreat BritainEurope
Sebastian ALFARO ALARCONCosta RicaAmerica
Young Hoon CHUNGSouth KoreaAsia
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