BISFed Competition Committee Timeline

BISFed Competition Committee Timeline

Timeline for allocation of Slots – Competitions Calendar 2018

Release of new 2017 World Ranking Lists – December 5th 2017
BISFed will release on its website the new World Ranking List on December 5th 2017. The World Ranking using the new calculation method developed by the Competition Committee. The rankings will be used to award slots for the different events in 2018.

Release of the Expression of Interest Forms – December 7th 2017
BISFed will send the Expression of Interest Forms to all members on December 7th 2017. On this form, members will be able to see the events that they have qualified for, if specific events require qualification. Members will also be able to indicate if they wish to participate in World Opens, if there are spots available, and the Regional Opens.

Return of the Expression of Interest Forms – January 7th 2018.
BISFed Members will have until noon (GMT) of January 7th 2017 to return the form. The form will indicate which events each country would like to attend.

Award of the different slots – January 15th 2018
The Competition Committee will let each member know which slots have been awarded and a waiting list will be created. The information and process will also be made public on the BISFed Website.

Registration for events begin – January 22nd 2018
BISFed members will be able to start the registration process for the different event that they received, slots for, on the BISFed Sport Management Platform. Please note that events will become available for registration throughout early 2018 and not all events will be immediately available.


Female Quotas

At the 2018 World Championships, each Team and each Pair must include at least one female athlete. From 2019, each Team and each Pair competing at a World Open, a Regional Championships and at the Paralympic Games must include at least one female athlete. The female quota will not apply to Regional Opens in 2018, 2019 and 2020; however, participating countries are encouraged to consider including more females at Regional Opens.


BC3 Pairs

Starting in 2018, the requirement under Rule 3.2 for an athlete with CP to be included in BC3 Pairs competition will be removed.


Competition Structure

Starting with the first Regional Open, the Individual Competition will be played first then it will be followed by the Team and Pairs Competition. This will allow the observation of athlete that needs to be classified earlier in the competition.


BISFed 2018 World Boccia Championships Information

The HOC have released this document to provide members with more information about the event in August. Download it HERE!!!

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