Rule 9.2 – Going into other boxes

Rule 9.2 – Going into other boxes

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    Richard Mallon

    9.2 Athletes cannot go into other boxes while preparing their next shot or to orientate the ramp. If this happens the referee will ask the athlete to get back into their box before orientating their ramp.

    ..This means that the referee is to stop the setup if a wheel is over the line – (he/she is then “into” the other box) and have the athlete begin setting up again.

    ..If an athlete happens to do this why would that matter? She/He is using up his own time.

    ..If a referee stops this preparation, the referee makes the athlete aware of the potential violation, which can now be corrected. Violation occurs at the release of the ball, so we should wait until then to call the penalty

    ..Why are BC3 singled out? If a BC1,2 or 4 is orienting their chair and or arm/foot for the next shot and happen to go over a line, nothing is said unless they remain “in the other box” during the release

    I do NOT like the idea of warning any player that is preparing, “Hey, you are over the line. Get back into your own box.”

    So…I am in favour of removing this rule. Whether an athlete touches 2cm of the adjacent box or 32cm, makes no difference until the ball is actually released.




    It’s a good idea to change this. Referee’s and line judges don’t even implement this rule during a game. The line is one of the last things an athlete checks before taking a shot.



    I think the referee isn`t stopping a potential violation…the purpose of the referee is avoid that the player had a benefit orienting the ramp from the other box, the player has to move the ramp from his/her own box. I think the main question is: when is a player out of his/her own box?, with a wheel touching the line, with a whole wheel out the box?, etc…
    BC1, BC2 or BC4 players don’t have auxiliar devices like ramps to move from the box, so the referee just let them move…but I think the rules must say that BC1, BC2 and BC4 can’t go into another boxes for watching the play from there.



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