Update from BISFed’s Board

The board met by conference call again on 14th September to discuss the latest issues surrounding boccia. Key highlights from the meeting were:

BISFed Committee Updates: the chairs from each committee joined us to provide an update on their progress. Each of the committees have held their first meeting and set out a clear plan for the forthcoming year

Treasurer’s Report: BISFed treasurer Jon Morgan gave a detailed analysis of the BISFed accounts and noted that the finances continue to be sound.

Competitions: 2 further events have been added to the confirmed schedule of events for 2018. Bids have now also been opened for 2019 & 2020. The board have also agree to trial switching the teams/ pairs events with the individual events. We will announce a date for the trial soon and if successful we start to implement at all BISFed Sanctioned events.

Tokyo 2020: the number of slots that have been awarded to BISFed at the Tokyo 2020 games were confirmed at the IPC General Assembly. BISFed will have 116 athlete slots, 8 more than Rio. The Competition Committee will now work on the best solution for awarding these slots.

Anti-doping: the board continue to stress the importance of providing a ‘clean’ environment for athletes and have begun discussions surrounding the launch of our own anti-doping education programme. We hope to bring you more information on this in the new year.

The next BISFed board conference call is scheduled on Thursday 9th November.

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