Update on BISFed-sanctioned Competitions in 2021

Update on BISFed-sanctioned Competitions in 2021

The BISFed Board has been monitoring the global situation regarding the Covid-19 pandemic very carefully since February, and has met in October to review the possibility of organising international boccia competitions during 2021.

In the light of continued uncertainty as to whether the virus can be or is being controlled around the world, and with the safety of boccia athletes as our primary concern, the Board has decided that the first three events scheduled for 2021 will be cancelled. The events which have been cancelled are:

  • BISFed 2021 Nantes Boccia Regional Open 23 February to 2 March (cancelled)
  • BISFed 2021 Cuenca Boccia Regional Open 21 march to 27 march (cancelled)
  • BISFed 2021 Zagreb Boccia Regional Open March 21 to March 28 (cancelled)

Planning for all the remaining sanctioned boccia events in 2021 (including the Paralympic Games) is continuing.

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