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BISFed World Open – Montreal

With 2 weeks to go until the competition starts in Montreal excitement is growing at BISFed. Competitors from as far and wide as Brazil, Russia and Australia will all descend on Montreal to showcase their talent. Alongside the elite competitors will be athletes taking part in the schools competition. Local favourite Marco Dispaltro told organisers, ''At the international level, the number of athletes has been growing year over year. I especially like to see the level of interest at the school level. They are the future of our sport and I understand how important it is to them to rub shoulders with the elite. It is inspiring for them, but also for us. I am touched by their sense of wonder''. You can keep up to date with all of the latest news by following Défi sportif AlterGo on Facebook and Twitter.

How does Boccia benefit athletes?

Boccia is a strategic target sport requiring skill, accuracy, mental toughness and an ability to think clearly and execute tough shots when under pressure. By developing the technical skills required to play boccia, a player will develop their movement skills. A player can apply the improvement in the movement skills to enhance their functional ability and remain active for longer. continue reading

BISFed World Championships 2014 – UPDATE

Invitations for 2014 Boccia World Championships Invitations to those who have qualified for the 2014 Boccia World Championships have now all been sent. We are currently waiting to hear back from those who have been asked to fill the remaining spaces and will make a further announcement on April 15th. continue reading

Rule Change Announcement

On 5th December 2013, BISFed announced a review of the current ball testing procedures to ensure that the tests can more accurately determine the circumference of a ball and the degree to which a ball can distort. continue reading