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Live Streaming – BISFed 2016 World Open, Montreal


Slovakia and Korea take GOLD in the Team and Pairs events

The first 3 events have been decided in Montreal and the individual competition is underway! Follow live streaming HERE! continue reading

BISFed Rules: Clarification April 2016

At several recent BISFed competitions it has been observed that some balls which slide more than they roll (if they roll at all) are now being used. These balls are having a detrimental effect on the spirit of the sport which is that the skill of the athlete, rather than the attributes of the sports equipment being used, should be the primary determinant of the outcome of a match. BISFed has been very concerned about this development with the balls for some time and we are currently taking expert independent advice on how to define and test boccia balls. However we believe that this issue requires immediate action, in particular ahead of the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games. continue reading

All BISFed 2016 World Opens at Full Capacity

The 3 BISFed World Open events that are scheduled for 2016 have all sold out. The events in Montreal, Dubai and Povoa have all seen applications rejected due to oversubscription. The first event gets underway in Montreal in 13 days time with competitors taking part from over 15 countries. continue reading