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2016 International Referees Announced

The BISFed Referees Committee have been working tirelessly to appoint referees for the 2016 World Opens. After a call was put out to members to nominate referees in December 2015, over 20 of our federations responded providing the committee with over 50 names to select from for each event. continue reading

BISFed 2016 Extraordinary General Assembly

Notice is hereby given that at the request of the Board of BISFed, an Extraordinary General Assembly (EGA) will be held on Tuesday, 22 March at 19:30 hour at the conference room of China Administration of Sports for Persons with Disabilities (No.321 Tianbei Road, Housahyu Town, Shunyi District, Beijing, China).
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Rule Change Requests

We are nearing the time when we can no longer receive Rule Change requests for the next quadrennial. Each request needs to be discussed by the Rules Committee and we also need to allow time for all our members to give any input. To ensure we have enough time to go through the process we need to receive all requests by March 31, 2016. continue reading

World Rankings

The BISFed Competition Committee have made a few minor adjustments to the BISFed World Rankings. These changes have had no affect on the slots that have been awarded for the BISFed 2016 World Individual Championships but will have an effect on the seedings at the event. continue reading