We are a progressive federation with the desire to continually improve the game of Boccia. We want to do all we can to ensure more people in more places can take part.

BISFed are committed to working with our partners to introduce projects to help us achieve our vision and strategic goals. Details of our projects can be read below:

Making Boccia Accessible

The Making Boccia Accessible project was first conceived in 2013. The Agitos Foundation awarded BISFed a grant and further financial backing from Hogan Lovells and UK Sport meant that the project could significantly expand before it even began.

The first process was to identify a manufacturer for the equipment that we wanted to provide to children in disadvantaged countries around the world. All manufacturers of boccia balls were given the opportunity to tender for the project and a shortlist was created and samples requested to ensure that the highest quality balls were purchased. Handilife were selected as the successful bidder based on price, quality and company values. The balls are expected to be ready before the end of 2014 ready for delivery in the new year.

The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office have also supported the project. They are currently making arrangements to deliver the balls to the foreign territories free of charge. This has ensured that more sets have been purchased and will in turn mean more people will be introduced to our wonderful game.

Online Boccia Education Tools

After the successful Agitos application in 2013, we applied for another grant in 2014. The board recognised that the development of referees, coaches and classifiers was paramount to developing the game in established countries. By increasing the number of classifiers and referees internationally, it would allow BISFed to expand the number of competitions, which in turn would increase the standard of boccia played.

We have approached our technology provider, Sport:80, to develop a system that we can use to remotely teach participants. Although only in the early planning stages, we are confident that we will be ready to launch the system in 2015.

BISFed Standard Boccia Balls

As part of BISFed’s ‘Making Boccia Accessible’ project, we entered into an agreement with Handi Life Sport to manufacture and supply sets of ‘BISFed Standard Boccia Balls’. These high quality boccia balls represent excellent value for money and will be available exclusively to BISFed Members. Each set contains six red, six blue and one white jack ball, all branded with the BISFed logo and contained in a strong canvas bag. BISFed has negotiated a special price of €80 per set of balls, plus delivery (any local taxes and/or duties payable must be paid by the BISFed Member). Orders will be taken in multiples of 5 sets (i.e. 5, 10, 15 etc.) and there will be a minimum order size of 5 sets.

The procedure for ordering the BISFed Standard Boccia ball is:

  1. BISFed Members who require the BISFed Standard Boccia ball should email Handi Life Sport directly with their order requirement (note that the minimum order is 5 sets.) The email address is:
  2. Handi Life Sport will confirm the order and delivery charge. The price quoted will exclude any local VAT and any customs clearance charges which must be paid locally by the BISFed Member.
  3. On receipt of payment, Handi Life Sport will fulfil the order.
  4. PLEASE NOTE: The BISFed Standard Boccia Ball will be supplied to BISFed Members on the strict condition that the balls MAY NOT BE RESOLD AT A HIGHER PRICE. BISFed Members may purchase balls, for example on behalf of boccia clubs or schools in their country, but such balls may only be re-sold at the original €80 per set plus any delivery and duties incurred. Any Member who is found in breach of this requirement will be regarded as not being in good standing with BISFed and will incur further sanctions.
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