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BISFed Referee Committee news

BISFed Referee Committee news

There have been some recent changes to BISFed’s Referee Committee. Here is the news:

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Boccia Legend Dirceu Pinto passes away

The World of Boccia has lost a legend of the sport – BC4 athlete Dirceu Pinto from Brazil. He sadly passed away on the 1st of April, from heart problems.

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Corona Virus Update: 2020 BISFed-Sanctioned Competitions

To all in the Boccia World:

Please find here a message from BISFed President David Hadfield regarding a decision by the BISFed Board concerning 2020 BISFed sanctioned competitions.

We will communicate any further relevant information as and when it emerges.

Corona Virus Update: BISFed-Sanctioned Competitions 2020

This is possibly the most testing time any of us has experienced and sport is as badly affected by the Corona virus as any other industry.

We are of course aware that the worldwide boccia family is concerned to know what will happen next; there are so many unanswered questions about what the future holds. BISFed monitors the best available advice daily with a view to making sensible fact-based decisions on future events. The safety of athletes. Technical Officials and spectators remains our number one priority. (So, for example, we were able to find a good solution for the Paralympic Games Test Event, using volunteers from the Tokyo 2020 team to play boccia in a closed environment, rather than boccia athletes. This allowed us to test many more possible scenarios than would have been possible in a real competition, and to that extent, we learned much more than we had expected.)

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Cancellation – BISFed 2020 Zagreb Boccia Regional Open

The Croatian government has today (Friday March 13th) officially communicated its decision to postpone all sporting events in the Republic of Croatia until further notice as a measure to control the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

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Update on BISFed Competition Calendar 2020 regarding Covid19

To all in the Boccia World:

You will be very aware of the concerns surrounding the outbreak of the Covid19 virus and the potential effect this is having on sporting events around the world. This message is to update you on the situation as regards the BISFed calendar for 2020 and the Paralympic Games.

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Tokyo 2020 Boccia Test Event

Creative Tokyo 2020 staff help BISFed stage successful boccia Paralympic Games test event

Staff from Tokyo 2020 have stepped in to help deliver an important boccia test event for the Paralympic Games, after the coronavirus threatened to disrupt the preparations.

Tokyo 2020 and BISFed, the International Sports Federation which governs the Paralympic sport of boccia, had planned a Paralympic Games test event around a national boccia competition. The event is usually held in Japan during the first quarter of each year and was to have involved both local and international boccia athletes. However, because of Japanese Government guidance on the coronavirus, the decision was taken to postpone the boccia competition involving the athletes.

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Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games Test Event 28 February 2020

In order to test the Games-time environment for the boccia competition during the Paralympic Games, BISFed and Tokyo 2020 had planned to use the Japan Para Championships hosted by the Japan Para Sports Association (JPSA) to carry out the necessary tests.

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Sad loss for Boccia – Mr. Edmund Minas

BISFed is very sad to inform the Boccia family of the passing away of Mr. Edmund Minas, Boccia head coach of the German National team. He passed away on the 9th December at the age of 67, after a serious illness.

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BISFed 2019 Dubai Boccia Regional Open

The BISFed 2019 Dubai Boccia Regional Open came to an end as the last competition in BISFed´s 2019 competition calendar. The competition had great results for Korea, topping the medal tally with 8 medals – 4 Gold, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze. Indonesia also did well with 6 medals – 3 Silver and 3 Bronze. This was an even more incredible feat for Indonesia as these were their first medals in BISFed competitions after creating their National team for the 2018 Asian Para Games just over a year ago. Congratulations!

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Happy holidays!

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2019 BISFed Annual Report

As we come to the end of a great year of Boccia competition, BISFed President David Hadfield reports on what has happened in 2019, where Boccia is at the moment, as well as developments ahead.

Tokyo 2020 – Magnificent Boccia competition venue

BISFed President – Mr. David Hadfield – and BISFed Technical Delegate for the Tokyo 2020 Boccia competition – Ms. Cannie Leung – have completed their 5th inspection visit to Tokyo, meeting with several functional areas of the organizing committee and visiting the Competition venue – Ariake Gymnastics centre.

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2019 BISFed General Assembly and workshop


BISFed has successfully held it´s 2019 General Assembly on the 4th of November in Povoa de Varzim, Portugal. 30 BISFed members were represented by 45 delegates from all over the world.

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Exciting & Sustainable – BISFed 2019 Povoa Boccia World Open

The last World Open of the 2019 season was a crucial competition for those vying for Tokyo 2020 qualification.

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A taste of the BISFed 2019 Nymburk Boccia Regional Open

LIVE STREAMING – BISFed 2019 Povoa Boccia World Open

All live streams can be found here:

BISFed 2019 Povoa Boccia World Open Opening Ceremony


The 2019 Povoa Boccia World Open competition starts today, with many of the Worlds top Boccia athletes in attendance. The Opening Ceremony was held yesterday and can be followed below.

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Opening ceremony & competition live stream: BISFed 2019 São Paulo Boccia America Regional Championships

Opening Ceremony

Competition – Court 1

Paralympic slots – BISFed 2019 São Paulo Boccia America Regional Championships

The BISFed 2019 São Paulo Boccia America Regional Championships competitions are about to start!

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Incredible results for GB – BISFed 2019 Nymburk Boccia Regional Open

The BISFed 2019 Nymburk Boccia Regional Open has come to a close after 4 days of competition.

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Live streaming – BISFed 2019 Nymburk Boccia Regional Open

BISFed 2019 Nymburk Boccia Regional Open

Preparations are underway for the beginning of the BISFed 2019 Nymburk Boccia Regional Open. The organizing Committee has set the stage; athletes are warming up; Classifiers are classifying athletes into their respective sport categories and Referees are running equipment checks and preparing for matches to start.

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Road to Tokyo 2020 – BISFed 2019 Seville Boccia European Regional Championships

The results are in for the Individual competitions of the BISFed 2019 Seville Boccia European Regional Championships – a qualification tournament for the Tokyo 2020 Games.

The last day of Individual competition has been exciting, with favourites Grigorios Polychronidis (GRE) and David Smith (GBR) coming out on top in BC3 and BC1 respectively, and fifth ranked Samuel Andrejcik (SVK) and second ranked Abilio Valente (POR) winning the BC4 and BC2 finals respectively. 

Congratulations to all finalists! 

BC3 athlete Grigorios Polychronidis (GRE) guarantees a slot for Greece in the individual BC3 competition of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

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Boccia Youth competitions – entry opportunities available

Grassroots level is the basis for growth and development of every sport. For this reason, BISFed is happy to see the increase in the number of competitions available for our young athletes.

Portugal will host a multi-sport development games in Portimão between the 3rd and 7th of October. BISFed members are welcome to enter athletes. Find details here:

General Info_CPISRA Development Games Portimão 2019_Boccia

Boccia Youth and Skills Event Rules

CPISRA Dev. Games, Portimão 2019_Entry Form

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BISFed 2019 Seoul Boccia Asia-Oceania Regional Championships

BC4 pairs final between Hong Kong and Thailand – Final check before going to the Tie-break where Honk Kong came out on top and guaranteed a slot for the BC4 pairs competition of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

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BISFed 2019 Olbia Boccia Regional Open starts tomorrow – 6th June 2019

Athletes are preparing for the start of the BISFed 2019 Olbia Boccia Regional Open!

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Terrific BISFed 2019 Hong Kong Boccia World Open comes to an end

After five days of competition, with some of the best Boccia athletes in the world competing against each other, the BISFed 2019 Hong Kong Boccia World Open comes to an end. BISFed congratulates all athletes and the organisers for putting on a top class event. Enjoy the highlights!

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BISFed 2019 Montreal Boccia World Open – Results

The world’s top boccia players converged on the Maurice-Richard Arena for the BISFed 2019 Montreal Boccia World Open, with close to 100 athletes from 20 countries vying for crucial World Ranking points which could get them to Tokyo. For athletes from the Americas it was especially important as it was the first big event of the year.

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BISFed Classifier and International Referee courses held in Guangzhou, China

BISFed held an International Referee course as well as a Basic Classifier course in Guangzhou, China before the BISFed 2019 Guangzhou Boccia Regional Open.

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BISFed 2019 Zagreb Boccia Regional Open

The BISFed 2019 Zagreb Boccia Regional Open has come to an end and BISFed would like to thank the athletes, organizers and officials for giving their best.

This was the first BISFed Sanctioned Boccia event Organised by the Disabled Croatian Boccia Association. The competition hosted 85 athletes from 18 Countries. Here are some highlights of the competition:
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Pairs and Teams medalists – BISFed 2019 Guangzhou Boccia Regional Open

The BISFed 2019 Guangzhou Boccia Regional Open has come to an end. Find detailed results of the Teams and Pairs competitions here and images of our medallists below.

Congratulations to the organizers for putting on a high level event and to all athletes and officials. Great start to the 2019 season!

Pairs BC3 – 1st Chinese Taipei / 2nd Singapore / 3rd China

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Individual competitions come to an end at the BISFed 2019 Guangzhou Boccia Regional Open

BC3 final match – Yuen Kei Ho (Hong Kong) vs Masayuki Arita (Japan)

The first BISFed individual competitions of 2019 have come to an end in Guangzhou.

One of the special things about a BISFed Boccia competition is that men and women compete against each other on equal terms. There were 5 female and 11 male athletes amongst the 16 finalists, competing for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd rankings in each category.

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BISFed 2019 Guangzhou Boccia Regional Open – Individual Finals coming up

Find here the list of Final matches of the individual competitions at the BISFed 2019 Guangzhou Boccia Regional Open on the 27th March 2019

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BISFed 2019 Guangzhou Boccia Regional Open – BC2 action comeback

It was a close semi-final BC2 match between Chee Hoong Lee from Malaysia, ranked 7th in the competition and 38th in the world and Hiu Lam Yeung from Hong Kong, ranked 3rd in the competition and 9th in the World.

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Female quotas at BISFed-sanctioned boccia Competitions

Female quotas at BISFed-sanctioned boccia Competitions

In September 2017, BISFed indicated the following: “The female quota will not apply to Regional Opens in 2018, 2019 and 2020; however, participating countries are encouraged to consider including more females at Regional Opens. In addition, females who are entered in BISFed-sanctioned competitions from 2019 will be required to play in a minimum number of ends per match. The precise requirements will be announced in due course.”

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BISFed Vice President and Secretary General Martin Lam honoured by the Asian Paralympic Committee

The Asian Paralympic Committee announced the recipients of its prestigious Asian Awards at a recent gala dinner during its General Assembly in Dubai. The Asian Order is presented to any person who has illustrated the APC ideals through his/her actions, has achieved remarkable merit in the sporting world for people with an impairment, or has rendered outstanding and long-lasting services to the APC cause.

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A great year for Boccia

To the Boccia family, congratulations on all your achievements and developments in 2018. Find here a message from BISFed President David Hadfield, summing up a range of what has happened in 2018 and what we can look forward to in 2019. We wish you all a well deserved rest after our last event of the year in Dubai and look forward to seeing you all again in 2019.


Watch live action at the BISFed 2018 Dubai Boccia World Open

BISFed Board appoints new Director

BISFed is pleased to announce that in accordance with the Articles of Association (20.1 and 21.6) Mr Seung Hee Kang has been invited to join the Board. Mr Kang is the President of the Korean Boccia Federation for the Disabled and also the Chairman and CEO of Autech Group in Korea. BISFed President David Hadfield said; “I have known Mr Kang for some time, and I am sure his wealth of commercial experience will bring new dimensions to our Board discussions. We look forward to working with Kang and to benefiting from his expertise.”

Live feed – BISFed 2018 Chinese Taipei Boccia Regional Open

Play starts at 09:30 local time with 4 matches. Click here for more information and on the image below for live matches.

Opening Ceremony – BISFed 2018 Chinese Taipei Boccia Regional Open

Play starts tomorrow! But before that, check out the opening ceremony!



BISFed 2018 Buenos Aires Boccia Regional Open

BISFed is pleased to announce the results of the BISFed 2018 Buenos Aires Boccia Regional Open, including the incredible individual BC4 final.

In the BC4 final, Athlete Steve Wilson from Bermuda went head to head with Argentina´s Khalil Profiti. Before even starting, this was already a historic and incredible meeting. One because of the age difference between both contestants. A mere 52 year gap! Khalil Profiti at 18 years of age and Steve Wilson at 70!

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2019 BISFed Competition Calendar

BISFed is pleased to announce the calendar for 2019. The final year to qualify for the Tokyo Para Games. The slots allocation will start shortly.


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Court action has begun at the BISFed 2018 Olbia Boccia Regional open in Italy!

Boccia course partnership with Agitos Foundation – Road to Lima

The Agitos Foundation has launched the ‘Road to Lima 2019’ programme with Proud Paralympian and boccia courses. Forty-six people from 16 Americas countries took part, as the Peruvian capital city prepares for the biggest edition yet of the Parapan American Games.

In a partnership with the Agitos Foundation, BISFed supported the realization of a BISFed International Boccia Level 1 Coaches course and a Classification course in Lima from the 12th to the 14th October 2018.
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BISFed 2019 General Assembly

BISFed is pleased to announce Portugal as the host of the 2019 BISFed General Assembly.

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